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Spotlight on Bothell Business: Tru*Health, Inc.

Tru*Health Inc. in Bothell

I first came in contact with Tru*Health owners Kasara D’Elene and Jeff Foster about two years ago when I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a few friends with food allergies. I needed a natural non-sugar sweetener to bake a few pies, and wasn’t sure where to find it. One day while driving home I spotted a sign for natural health products at the intersection of Bothell-Everett Highway and 180th St SE, and decided to pull in and see if they had what I needed. As I stepped inside I was greeted by friendly faces and a plethora of organic herbs, supplements, and food items. They had all I needed and more – I left with some agave nectar (a natural sweetener), a whole organic turkey, and a tub of non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening. 

Tru*Health Bothell - Front Entry          Tru*Health offers a variety of quality nutritional products          People, Animal, and Environment-Friendly Beauty Products

I was surprised to find many of the same products at similar or lower prices than those at larger retailers. Apparently general manager Jeff has a knack for finding high quality products at low prices. And he and Kasara take product quality very seriously – they don’t sell any products they wouldn’t use themselves. They also won’t sell any supplements without first being able to visit the lab they’re produced in.

Tru*Health doesn’t sell any herbs or supplements the owners wouldn’t take themselves

Founder Kasara has extensive knowledge of and passion for natural health, and answers questions on the topic with enthusiasm. She has a long list of credentials including Licensed Traditional Naturopath (N.D.), Master Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Professional (C.N.H.P.), and a Bachelor’s of Science in medical technology. When I learned what brought her to the natural health field I began to understand her great enthusiasm for learning.

In 1993 Kasara became very ill. Despite following the instructions given by practitioners of conventional medicine to the letter, her illness and pain persisted. She had slightly better luck when visiting a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but after a short time found that their methods treated the symptoms of her illness but not its cause. At the end of her rope and unsure what to do next, she received a referral to nationally-known herbalist Lawanda Stauffer. By the end of the first week in Lawanda’s care, Kasara’s pain was gone. Within one year, her symptoms had completely disappeared. There was no longer any question in Kasara’s mind about the power of herbs to heal. She wanted to learn what Lawanda knew, both to ensure her own future well-being as well as to help others achieve the results she had.

From the trunk of a car to a storefront in Sunnyvale, California to its current location in Bothell, Tru*Health is now in its third incarnation.

In addition to high quality organic herbs and supplements, Tru*Health also offers organic food items and professional holistic health consultations. You can find out more at Tru*Health’s website or by clicking here to view their online brochure.

Mention and receive $5.00 off your first purchase of $30.00 or more! (May not be combined with other offers.)

Tru*Health is located at 18001 Bothell-Everett Hwy Suite L, Bothell, WA 98012. Click here to view a map.

Summer hours are Mon-Fri 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sat 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

Phone: (425) 415-8410 or (800) 242-7165


E-Mail: truhealth (at) truhealth (dot) com


Local Business Spotlight: Lady of LETTERS, Inc.

When I met my friend and former boss Caren Trapp for lunch a couple years ago, we had both recently set out on new career paths. Between bites at P.F. Chang’s, we shared our excitement about where we were and where saw ourselves going.

Before that time I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant. She explained to me in detail the services Lady of LETTERS, Inc. offered, and helped me see the immense value of these services to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

For example, say you own a home-based business. You’ve started showing a positive cash flow, but it’s not yet big enough to hire an employee. This can be a hard hurdle to jump, because an increase in business means an increase in workload. You find yourself spread thin and operating on less sleep as you try to keep all the plates spinning. And as most who’ve ever owned a business know, employees are expensive and can be time consuming – and you still have to pay them even if you can’t keep them busy consistently.

This is what makes the concept of a Virtual Assistant so compelling. No payroll. No tax withholding/reporting. No scheduling. No absenteeism! You don’t need to worry about supplying office space, equipment, or supplies, because your project is completed off-site. And you only pay for the time Caren and her team actually spends working.

When chatting with Caren over morning coffee recently, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Lady of LETTERS is growing by leaps and bounds. Caren is one of those rare people who will go to any length to create a satisfied customer – a quality that has no doubt contributed to her company’s success.

Lady of LETTERS, Inc.

Caren can be reached 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time at (425) 337-5773 or by e-mailing

cltrapp (at) ladyoflettersinc (dot) com   

(Tell her Jay from sent you!) 

Lady of LETTERS, Inc. website  

Additional printed material, in PDF format: 

Lady of LETTERS, Inc. Color Brochure

Lady of LETTERS, Inc. Specialties (Service Rates)