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About the blog

The central focus of aboutbothell.com is to provide residents of the Bothell area with interesting, useful, and consistently updated content on community news and events, local points of interest, and the Bothell real estate market.  

What’s my return for providing these things? The opportunity to develop my personal brand.   

About the blogger

Professional BackgroundJay Matthews, REALTOR® - CENTURY 21 North Homes Realty, Inc. 

I bring a strong background in business and finance to my current career in real estate. When I was 21 I opened and managed a small retail business in downtown Seattle. I enjoyed running that business more than anything I’d encountered up to that point. The same thing happened when the real estate profession found me, and I later realized the common denominator: having the freedom to go to any length to create positive, memorable experiences for my clients. I ran the shop for two more years before selling it and accepting a position at a large multinational bank. My roles in this new position included relationship management for individuals of high net worth, corporate training and statistical analysis. I enjoyed the first two of these so much that I stayed with the bank for more years than I thought I would. But I wasn’t willing to “drink the corporate punch” indefinitely, and was ecstatic about striking out on my own once again when the opportunity to become a real estate professional came a knockin’.

Contact Information 

e-mail: jay (dot) matthews (at) century21 (dot) com

cell: 206-465-3698

toll-free: 866-702-6974 


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