More Jobs, Shorter Commutes for Bothell?

In an article printed by the Everett Herald yesterday, Eric Fetters reported a sharp decrease in Snohomish county’s available industrial space.

Commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield reports a 9% industrial vacancy rate locally – 3% less than last year and 8% less than in 2004. Businesses contributing to the decrease include moving and storage company PODS, as well as print news industry’s Sound Publishing in Everett. 

Conversely, the vacancy rate for office space remains high – in the neighborhood of 18%. Gary Bullington at Cushman & Wakefield expects this rate to decrease in the near future, however. With office space in Seattle and Bellevue becoming increasingly hard to find, businesses are moving north along the I-5 corridor to Snohomish county. Bullington expects Bothell to benefit from this influx first – something commercial developers knew awhile ago, evidenced by the abundance of new office buildings currently under construction. 

The bottom line for Bothell and the rest of Snohomish County? As more industrial and commercial space is leased, the availability of local jobs increases and commute times for local residents decrease. 


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