Bothell Places: Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro in BothellNot only does Caffe Ladro serve great tasting coffee in an inviting atmosphere, they do it with social conscience and plenty of smiles.

When I first moved to the area from Eastern Washington about 10 years ago, I frequented Ladro’s location on 15th Ave East in Seattle. It was my favorite place to study, read, and people watch – good coffee, clean tables, and friendly service. Supporting a locally-owned small business that offers only 100% fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffees also made me feel good. When I moved to Bothell about 3 years ago I was happy to see a Caffe Ladro location 3 blocks north of Main Street, and resolved to visit at my first opportunity. 

Well, life gets busy. “Would like to’s” get pushed aside as the “have to’s” pile up.

On the way home from showing houses yesterday, I saw the yellow Caffe Ladro sign and decided I’d finally stop in. Ladro interiorAs I walked in the din of clanking coffee cups and chatting neighbors filled my ears. The walls were lined with black and white portraits set against rich, warm paint tones and lit by Tiffany-style chandeliers. As I went to the counter to order I was greeted with a genuine smile. While waiting it struck me that there aren’t many cafes with atmosphere as comfortable and inviting as Ladro’s.

After finishing a tasty spinach & feta croissant, I looked closer at the black & white portraits on the walls. Seattle area photographer Davis Freeman “specializes in unique fine art portraits that truly capture the spirit of family.” I enjoyed the photos on display, and would offer that while not so much “capturing the spirit of family,” several definitely succeed at capturing the spirit of the individual in a compelling and emotionally-charged way. Click here to view some of his work.

At another spot on the wall I saw a poster for an evening of acoustic open mic performances and live painting, to be hosted by Ladro on Friday April 6th. Visit the Community Events page for complete details.

Selena and HannahAs I finished my last sip, I thanked barista Selena and cashier Hannah and headed for the door. I’m grateful Caffe Ladro is still as great as I remembered.

Caffe Ladro is located at 18610 Bothell Way NE in Bothell, WA. There’s free wi-fi inside and a drive-thru outside. Click here for a map and directions. 

Hours: 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM daily.  Phone: 425-415-1202


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