Blake Lewis Puts Bothell on the Map

Bothell’s Blake Lewis, as seen on American IdolI’m not normally an American Idol fan – in fact, outside of catching a few minutes of the morning news before heading out the door, I rarely watch TV. But when I heard that Bothell’s very own Blake Lewis is among Idol’s 12 remaining contestants, my interested was sparked.

A little time spent researching Lewis on the web turned up no shortage of info on the 25 year-old Bothellite. According to this article, Lewis has been writing songs, singing them, and winning local beat boxing competitions at various venues in the metro area for the last 7 years. Some of his favorite places to perform include the Nectar Lounge , SeaMonster Lounge, and Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. And after Idol is said and done, there’s a chance Lewis could be spotted enjoying a meal at his favorite restaurant, La Casa del Mojito on Lake City Way. blake-lewis-billboard-3-25-07-004.jpg

Lewis graduated from Kenmore’s Inglemoor High in 1999. Apparently he stopped working “square” jobs in August of 2006 (which included serving at the Outback Steakhouse in Canyon Park) so he could pursue his music interests full-time. A month later he turned out for the Idol auditions at KeyArena – braving rain, long lines, and Simon Cowell’s icy gaze. 

Blake’s parents seem very supportive – in watching the last part of Blake’s audition (below), I thought his father was going to burst into tears out of sheer pride. I imagine his mother two younger sisters, and younger brother is excited about Blake’s current fame and future potential as well. After all – if Blake wins he gets a national record deal, right?


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  1. D Lewis on

    Just a little info to help correct you story. Blake has no siblings He is an only chile. He does have a huge amount of friend as he is very social and very not cocky, as I have read from many critics. He is a loving person who rarely, if ever, speaks down about anyone. He lives for music and wants to share with everyone.
    Thats all for now. And yes, I know him better than anyone.

  2. Jay Matthews on


    I could swear I read somewhere that he had 3 siblings – I scoured the web for about 30 minutes trying to find the source, but had no luck. I did find a page that confirmed what you said however:

    Thanks for clearning that up!

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